Forklift Mitsubishi 2 Ton

Jual Forklift Mitsubishi FD20CN 2 Ton


Forklift Mitsubishi FD20CN 2 Ton

Manufacturer (abbreviation) Mitsubishi
Manufacturer’s model designation FD20CN
Power source: (battery, diesel, LP gas, petrol) Diesel
Operator type: pedestrian, (operator)-standing, -seated Seated
Load capacity 2000
Load centre distance 500
Load distance, axle to fork face (forks lowered) 415
Wheelbase 1400
Truck weight, without load / including battery (simplex mast, lowest lift height) 3030
Axle loading with maximum load, front/rear (simplex mast, lowest lift height) 4330 / 700
Axle loading without load, front/rear (simplex mast, lowest lift height) 1020 / 2010
Wheels, Drive Train
Tyres: V=solid, L=pneumatic, SE=solid pneumatic – front/rear SE/SE
Tyre dimensions, front 6.50 – 10 – 5
Tyre dimensions, rear 5.00 – 8 – 3
Number of wheels, front/rear (x=driven) 2x/2
Track width (centre of tyres), front 890
Track width (centre of tyres), rear 900
Mast tilt, forwards/backwards 06-Okt
Tow coupling height 290
Overall length 3275
Height with mast lowered (see tables) 1990
Length to fork face (includes fork thickness) 2355
Overall width 1065 / –
Fork dimensions (thickness, width, length) 35x100x920
Fork carriage to DIN 15 173 A/B/no 2A
Fork carriage width 920
Free lift (see tables) 80
Ground clearance under mast, with load 110
Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase, with load (forks lowered) 135
Working aisle width with 1000 × 1200 mm pallets, crosswise 3635
Working aisle width with 800 × 1200 mm pallets, crosswise 3435
Turning circle radius 2020
Minimum distance between centres of rotation 550
Lift height (see tables) 3000
Overall height with mast raised 4055
Height to top of overhead guard 2140
Seat height 930
Travel speed, with/without load 19/19.5
Service brakes (mechanical /hydraulic /electric /pneumatic) Hydraulic
Lifting speed, with/without load 0.60/0.65
Lowering speed, with/without load 0.52/0.50
Rated drawbar pull, with/without load 11400 / 11500
Gradeability, with/without load 24 / 41
IC Engine
Manufacturer / Type S4Q2
Rated output to ISO 1585 28
Rated speed to DIN 70 020 2500
Number of cylinders / cubic capacity Apr-05
Type of drive control Powershift/1
Maximum operating pressure for attachments 180
Oil flow for attachments 62
Towing coupling design / DIN type, ref. PIN


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